How to Make a Snazzy Personal Website for your Data Science Blog— Quickly

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Download R and RStudio, install blogdown

Choose a theme

Start a New Project in RStudio

Build your website

The initial ghostwriter template

I want to change the landing page and add new sections to the site (eg About, Contact, etc)

Where config.toml lives
theme = "ghostwriter"
baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "My New Hugo Site"
baseurl = "/"
title = "Barney McGrew"
theme = "ghostwriter"
languageCode = "en-us"
copyright = ""
disqusShortname = "XXX"
googleAnalytics = "XXX"
ignoreFiles = ["\\.Rmd$", "\\.Rmarkdown$", "_files$", "_cache$"][Privacy][Privacy.disqus]
disable = true
anonymizeIP = true
respectDoNotTrack = true
useSessionStorage = false
name = "Barney McGrew"
profile = ""
tag = "tags"
intro = true
headline = " Barney McGrew "
description = "I’m a fireman "
github = ""
gitlab = ""
linkedin = " "
gplus = ""
twitter = ""
stackoverflow = ""
email = ""
opengraph = true
shareTwitter = true
shareFacebook = true
shareGooglePlus = true
shareLinkedIn = true
dateFormat = "Monday, January 2, 2006"
highlightJsUrl = ""
highlightJsLocalUrl = ""
post = "/:year/:month/:day/:filename/"
name = "Blog"
url = "/"
weight = 1
name = "Contact"
url = "/page/contact/"
weight = 3
name = "About"
url = "/page/about/"
weight = 4
name = "CV"
url = "/page/cv/"
weight = 5

How do I add a blog post?

title: "Putting out a fire"
description: "If you accidentally start one"
author: ""
date: 2020-06-21T22:12:42+12:00
draft: false
Our site, after customising the homepage and adding a blank page

How do I add a link?

How do I add an image?

Click on the “Addins” dropdown to reveal Insert Image
I’m hope your blog will more insightful than Barney’s. Photo by Zlatko Đurić on Unsplash

Where can I go for more?

Ok, so I have a site now — how do I put it on the internet?

The Netlify Sites tab — it really is as easy as dragging and dropping


More info and credits

Actuary-in-training and data enthusiast based in London, UK.

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